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The target journals' acceptance rates are increased thanks to consistent language and expression style adjustments, expression review of statement logic, and fluency of article language. 2-round retouching (within 20%)

English Editing - Premium Polishing for SCI Papers

Numerous international journals, including NATURE, have documented language bias in peer-reviewing SCI manuscripts. However, in the majority of non-English speaking nations, there are no efficient supporting systems within academic institutions to help address this issue. It is pretty unfair to researchers to lose out on the chance to have their research results published in high-impact factor journals merely because of the language they choose to use and the way they write. Another drain on the energy and resources of researchers is the use of numerous channels to enlist assistance from others in the rewriting process. Researchers frequently lack initiative regarding time and revision quality because of the helpful assistance.


For Premium Editing's SCI paper, most scientific researchers' needs are the foundation for our English editing services. Our English-speaking editing team, which is based in Boston, assists each of our clients in having their academic papers meet international standards thanks to our extensive senior expertise in editing scientific publications. High-quality journals include stringent language and writing requirements, deal with prejudice, and support the review process.

Our native English speakers, who have extensive experience editing scientific papers, make up our English editing team for SCI publications. In addition, to having excellent language skills, these individuals are employed or graduate with relevant professional research backgrounds (such as clinical medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, agriculture and forestry, engineering, aerospace, computer vision, astronomy, earth and environmental sciences, humanities and sociology, business, etc.). Among the top 15 research universities and colleges in the US, including Harvard University, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania, etc.). For native English editing and proofreading, we will choose the appropriate professionals based on the topic of your dissertation. They may assist your dissertation in sounding better linguistically by not just making it in their native language but also by understanding the formal language usage that professional journal reviewers like. 

LaTeX Document Language Polishing Service

When submitting to particular publications, many authors are also requested to submit LaTeX documents. Numerous mathematical formulas and intricate tables can be generated using this unique format. Formula editing and formatting are more advantageous with LaTeX papers than with Word documents, especially when the substance and complexity of the material are significant.

To guarantee the language quality of LaTeX documents after editing, Premium Editing will offer high-quality language editing services for papers in.tex format. The customer-submitted.tex document is polished using the Overleaf professional LaTeX editing tool, and the author is immediately sent the updated version in.tex format. In addition, we offer the Overleaf modification link to make it easier to observe all the changes made to the article (Track Changes). Authors can submit manuscripts directly without the need for secondary format conversion, which will increase the effectiveness of manuscript processing and publication. This can also prevent partial incompatibility with the Word document conversion process and won't affect the regular display of the original formulas and formats.

Service Content*:

  • Check language grammar and syntax word by word, and proofread spelling and punctuation.

  • Check Sentence Logic

  • Make the overall expression of the paper fluent and professional, and reach the writing level of professional scholars whose native language is English

  • Two rounds of editorial review for up to 20% of changes

*This service does not include providing professional revision opinions (paper structure, experimental design, and reasonable interpretation of results, impact demonstration, etc.). If you need professional modification, please choose Scientific Polishing services.

Quality Assurance:

For each paper submitted, Premium Editing will choose a native English speaker with expertise in the topic to edit and proofread it in English and another responsible editor to conduct tight quality control (quality checking). We provide the following confidence guarantees based on our years of editorial experience:

Premium Editing will revise the article for free and without any restrictions* if the customer accepts its editorial revision but the submitted journal still rejects it due to a linguistic issue.

*The author's addition of content to the paper after Premium Editing has finished editing it without Premium Editing's approval is outside the purview of quality control.

* Time difference of about 12 hours between the US local time and China.

* Service time starts from the payment

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