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Paper Submission

Please send your files via Wetransfer or an alternative service to and complete the following details to acquire the desired service e.g., English language editing - Academic editing - Journal proofreading - Polishing - Similarity reduction etc.:

Your name:
Your university or institution:

Research field:

Targeting Journal to publish:
Required Service (Premium/ Unlimited/ Scientific Polish):

Return time (24 hrs/ 2day/ 4day/ 6day):​

Particular comments:

Once your email has been received, you will receive a reply confirming the editing deadline date /hour and the word count.

When we have finished proofreading, we will return a tracked version of your proofread document. We provide tracked versions for both WORD and Latex documents.


- We accept Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, and alternatively Crypto (BTC/ ETH/ LUNC)

- Payments in crypto are the USD equivalent based on the Crypto currency's closing price of the previous day (Please send via email your Transaction Hash (TxID))

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Payment through



network: BTC



network: ETH (ERC 20) 



MEMO: 102061616

network: LUNC 

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